"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am with the treatment I received from Dr. Stewart and his staff.  I had cataract surgery about three years ago (with another doctor) and had a very difficult and unpleasant experience.  Naturally I was very reluctant to go through this again but thanks to Dr. Stewart I am glad I did.  My surgery went very smoothly and my vision is so much improved.  I feel like a new person.  I am so very glad to have met Dr. Stewart.  I recommend him and his staff to all of my friends.  Once again, Thank you."

"I had my droopy lids corrected by Dr. Stewart.  I was surprised with how pleasant the surgery center experience was.  During the surgery, Dr. Stewart was very gentle. I felt no pain, and the results are very good.  I am very pleased with my appearance now, and with the lids out of the way, I can see much better.  Overall, I am very satisfied."  -Leonid Kislyanski

"I'm grateful to Dr. Stewart for the excellent results of my cataract operations.  He has excellent bedside manner and cares about his patients.   Highly recommended!"
Ana Rozental Signature

"Cataract surgery went very well.  No discomfort or pain.  Dr. Stewart is the best.  He cares and is very professional.  Excellent doctor.  I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a cataract and glaucoma specialist."

"I am very near-sighted in both of my eyes (-17.0), and my eyes are very enlongated.  I have retinal problems and more recently I had cataracts.  I was told by many doctors that they could not help me.  I came to see Dr. Stewart and he said that he could help me see.  I had the surgery, and now I can see.  I am very happy and pleased with the results."

"Dr. Stewart recently performed my cataract surgery, and my experience from consultation to follow-up was excellent.  Not only was my surgery in both eyes a success, but Dr. Stewart took the time to explain in great detail the procedure, what to expect, and follow-up care.  Dr. Stewart is an exemplary professional and a credit to all in his field."