Telescopic Implant


Now available in Miami, the CentraSight program features a novel telescopic surgical implant for treatment of patients with endstage age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  This advanced form of AMD is a leading cause of blindness and visual dysfunction in older individuals.

The telescopic implant is integral to a new paradigm in patient care involving a multidisciplinary approach.  Each CentraSight provider team incorporates a fellowship-trained cataract surgeon, retinal specialist, and visual therapist to deliver the expert care necessary for maximum benefit.  Dr. Pelletier is excited to offer this service to patients in conjunction with the Retina Associates of Miami. As lead surgeon, he endorses it as the only surgical option available to reduce the impact of the central vision blind spot caused by end-stage AMD.

About the size of a diamond, the telescope implant uses micro-optical technology to magnify images that would normally be visualized in central vision.  These images are projected onto the healthy portion of the retina not affected by disease, making it possible for patients to better discern the central vision object of interest.

The CentraSight treatment program involves four steps, which include:

  • Diagnosis of end-stage AMD by the Retinal Associates of Miami and determination of eligibility at Ocean Ophthalmology
  • Presurgical training by a low-vision specialist
  • Implantation surgery by Dr Pelletier, performed at Larkin Hospital
  • Rehabilitation at the Low Vision Institute


If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for the telescopic lens, please call Ocean Ophthalmology Group at (305) 940-1500, or call Centrasight directly at (877) 997-4448 to speak with a case manager.