Services: Travel / Treatment Package

Achieving excellence in LASER eye surgery including LASIK and PRK has never been easier!  In conjunction with the Ocean Ophthalmology Group, the Fountainbleau Hotel, and the Bascom Palmer Laser Vision Correction Center, you can enjoy the visual enhancements rendered by the latest technologies with outstanding, comprehensive care all the way from the Virgin Islands to Miami.  

Dr Jesse Pelletier MD, a board certified ophthalmologist, Voluntary Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and trained LASIK/Cornea/Cataract surgeon is announcing this package surgical opportunity in conjunction with the aforementioned institutions and your eye care professional in the Virgin Islands.

Once you have successfully passed certain screening tests performed with your eye care professional, the Ocean Ophthalmology Group will fly you from the Virgin Islands to Miami or Ft Lauderdale International Airport.  From there, you will be checked into the luxurious and world-renowned Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, for a relaxing 3 night stay.  

During your first day in Miami, you will be transferred from your hotel to Ocean Ophthalmology to undergo further testing and a private consultation with Dr. Pelletier.  During the second day, your LASER eye surgery (usually LASIK or PRK) will be performed by Dr Pelletier at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.  The third day, your eye examination will take place once again at the Ocean Ophthalmology Group with Dr Pelletier.  Your flight home will be in the morning of the 4th day.  All transportation between locations will be provided for you.

Upon your return to the Virgin Islands, your next follow up visit will be scheduled at the end of your first post-operative week.  At that time, Dr. Stewart will re-examine you on St. Thomas and inform Dr Pelletier of your progress.  

The Ocean Ophthalmology Group is committed to eyecare in the Virgin Islands.  Currently, Kevin Stewart MD, a Glaucoma, Cataract, and Anterior Segment specialist from the Ocean Ophthalmology Group is accepting new surgical patients on St. Thomas.  Post-surgical LASIK follow up, or any specific questions you have that require a patient visit while on the island will be conducted by him.  Dr. Pelletier will ALWAYS be available through e-mail or telephone at any time during the post-surgical course.  

We look forward to serving you and bringing the latest advances in vision care to the Virgin Islands.  To schedule an appointment or for further inquiries, please call 305-940-1500.