Oculoplastics Defined

Oculoplastics, or oculoplastic surgery, includes a variety of procedures and reconstructive surgeries of the eyelids, orbital socket, tear ducts, and the face. Reconstructive surgeries are often performed to improve conditions obstructing a patient’s vision. These conditions can be caused by medical conditions, birth defects, trauma, and aging.

Ocean Ophthalmology offers procedures that can correct vision issues related to these obstructions as well as improving patient appearance and confidence. Our care team will evaluate the severity of the patient’s condition, explain treatment options, and recommend a solution for the best possible outcome. 


Conditions we treat:

  • Ptosis (droopy eyelid)
  • Eyelid malposition
  • Eyelid retraction
  • Chalazion (sty)
  • Excessive tear production
  • Orbital problems
  • Thyroid eye disease/Graves’ disease
  • Eyelid tumors and skin cancer
  • Trauma
  • Enucleation & evisceration
  • Facial paralysis and Bell’s Palsy
  • Blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm
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