Oncologic Oculoplastics


Most people don’t realize that the skin of the eyelids is continuous with the skin of the face.  As such, one can overlook the fact that a person can have “skin” cancer on the eyelids. Most bumps and tags of the eyelids are not cancers. However, if a lid lesion grows in size or changes in characteristics, or doesn’t go away, it should be looked at by a medical professional If necessary, the lesion should be biopsied to determine the nature of the lesion.

Should the lesion turn out to be cancer, Dr. Leon Rosen can remove the cancer via a technique called Frozen Section and reconstruct the eyelid at the same time. Dr. Leon Rosen also works with Dermatologists to reconstruct Moh’s Excision defects.


The orbit is generally known as the eye socket. This is where the eyeball and its muscles and other connective tissues are located within the skull. Tumors can arise in this region that may be cancerous; whether originating from the orbit or as a metastasis from another region in the body. If a tumor does arise in the orbit, Dr. Leon Rosen will coordinate the appropriate radiologic imaging, biopsy and subsequent care with the appropriate interventionist as these tumors often need specialized treatment plans. If you think you have an Eyelid Cancer or an Orbital Tumor, contact us to make an appointment.